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Credits include

As Composer and Lyricist

The Polar Bear Waltz (Light Night Commission)

Silk - The Eternal Road, (UKCI, Beijing China and International


The Story Giant (Liverpool Everyman)

As You Like It (Liverpool Playhouse)

A Midsummer Night's Dream, (Liverpool Playhouse)

Madame Mao (Liverpool Playhouse)

King Cotton (The Lowry)

The Dark Room (Lowry and UK Tour)

Fears and Miseries (Young Vic)

The Challenge (Shaw Theatre, London)

Medea Media, ( Northern Stage)

Spaghetti Tango (Northern Stage)

Syndrome (Escolar Superior set  Artes, Porto)  

Mahagonny (John Moores University)

The White Devil, (Liverpool Everyman)

Unsung (Liverpool Everyman)

Alice in Wonderland, (Liverpool Everyman)

Static (Action Transport)

Happy Ever After (Action Transport and UK tour) 

Rumplestiltskin (Unity Theatre)

Little Red and The Big Bad Wolf  (Unity Theatre)

The Princess and The  Pea, (Unity Theatre)

Beauty and The Beast (Unity Theatre)




Film and TV

The Big Meeting (ShutOutTheLight Productions BFI)

Hearts and Minds (drama series Channel 4 )  

Victim (drama series ITV) 

Springhill  (drama series Channel 4)  

The Cold War  (BBC2)  

Mercy Mission (drama-doc series Channel 4)  

Bernard's Watch (children drama series ITV)  

35-UP  (ITV)

Knight school (drama series ITV)  

Celebration (Arts Series ITV)   

Another New Jerusalem  (ITV)  

Winter Road (BBC FOUR)  -   

The Body Detectives (BBC/SKY)  

Eye on The World (BBC/Sky)    

Secret Lives (Channel 5)  

The Docker and The Rose (Nutkutt Films)

Hear I Am  (Liverpool Culture Company)

The Guest House (METAL)   

City of Dreams  (Liverpool Culture Company)  

Cappuccino (Base Chorus) 

The King’s New Hat  (Liverpool Culture Co)

The Nature Of The Beast (BFI) (Dan Draper))       

Poets of Loss (Animation Opera - Collective Encounters)


City of The Unexpected (National Theatre Wales )  

The Peoples Opening (Liverpool European Capital of Culture )

As The World Tipped (Wired Aerial Theatre, International Festivals) 

Alice Through the Winter Gardens (Hope Street Ltd.

Blackpool Winter Gardens)

Birthday Blaze, (The World Famous, Newcastle)  

Seven Deadly Sins (Bluecoat Yard).

King Kazoo's Garden Party (Imagine Festival)

Circus of Hip Hop (Brouhaha International)

Touch and Go (Liverpool Biennial and International Touring)

Secret of The Jewelled Heart (World Museum, HopeStreet Ltd)

Good Morning (Pepper , 50th Anniversary, Liverpool Culture Co.)

Radio Drama

Mrs Pepperpot, (series BBCRadio 4)

Taming of The Shrew (BBC Radio 4)  

Cameo Murders (BBC Radio 4)

Swallow (BBC Radio 3) 

Medea Media (BBC Radio 3)  

One Summer Night (BBC Radio 3)

Theatre and Performace

(as Writer and Composer)

The Corrupted Angel, (The Linbury, Royal Opera House)

The Man Who Stole a Winter Coat (Lyric Hammersmith

and international tour)

The Golden Boy, (Liverpool Everyman)

Six Throws of the Dice, (Northern Stage)

My Clockwork Heart (Unity Theatre)

Marie Antoinette's Post Punk Ball (with Walk The Plank)

The Snow White Ball  (The Lowry)

The Gamblers  (Stanislavsky International Drama

Festival, Ternopol)

Education and Participation

Contact Theatre Manchester  

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London  

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic 

Liverpool Everyman  

First Take

Hayward Art Gallery,  South Bank London   -

John Moores  University -

World Museum  -  

Northern Stage  - 

Young Vic


Hope Street Ltd.

Community Music, London  

Collective Encounters 

Dublin Arts Centre, Residency

Dance And Aerial Ballet

White Snake (Chinese Ballet) (UK touring)

Momentum (Tmesis - International Touring) 

As the World Tipped (Wired Aerial Ballet)

Me To You (Wired Aerial Theatre, Touring)


The Co-operative Bank

British Telecom

Bay TV - idents and links


Music For Stories (Volume One)

Lost In the Wood - Music For Fairytales


Love in Vain 

Zonophone (in collaboration with Stephen Allsopp)

The Man With The Cream White Paws (released )

Silk - The Eternal Road
Edited Image 2015-1-24-22:22:32
Edited Image 2015-1-24-5:25:57

Footsteps Through Time  

residency at  The Royal Liverpool Hospital  

Finding Some Way Through - a journey through the city of the mind (WOW 

and Liverpool Mental Heal




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