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Imagining With Sound

Click on the radio  to listen.

Footsteps and voices  memories and dreams - the wonderful world of sound. Here are two sound 'stories' created with participants and two more soundscapes from drama productions.


Finding Some Way Through - (Produced  by WOW - Writing On The Wall,  Liverpool and the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium). A stranger arrives in a city and has to cross it, are they being pursued? Are they retuning to the city? They walk, they run  though the streets and the underworld arriving eventually at a high place with beautifully intoned bells, perhaps they have found a way through. This is a psychological journey across an imaginary city

Footsteps Through Time -  (Produced by The Royal Liverpool Hospital and Polly Moseley). Three-month-residency in The Dialysis Ward of the Royal Liverpool Hospital. A What do patients think about when on the dialysis machines. memories mostly and often childhood.  With many hours of one-to-one interviews , the memories were distilled and embedded in this soundscape as the listener's footsteps walk through time.

and express their memories. 


My Clockwork Heart (Unity Theatre, Liverpool, Director Paula Simms) Trenchant, The Miraculous Mechanical  escapes from The Museum of Mankind, clutching the key to his clockwork heart. Finally cornered by his pursuer,  he jumps into the city river and floats out into the ocean between the oceans liners and under the immortal stars.  This is the soundscape at the end of the piece as he floats away. The Piece was written by Patrick


Disappearing Down The Rabbit Hole (from Alice Through The Winter Gardens)

(Produced by Hope Street Limited)  In this promenade piece, the sound world takes us down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

Unsung (John Davies, Liverpool Everyman) Recently gone blind, Edward Rushton arrives back in the

18th century Liverpool Docks - a  portrait of blindness.

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