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When I was a child, my grandparents owned an old foot pedal organ which was squeezed into the hall, I remember having hours of fun playing with the stops and finding all the different sounds from it  - looking back now of course it was like a synthesiser and it makes perfect sense to me now that I have a computer filled with all kinds of wonderful sounds and a virtual orchestra.

My background and experience stretches from early days performing with my own band and holding down some 'interesting' day jobs,

to running nightclub events and then eventually the great creative opportunities offered by a theatre residency  I have  also studied with Stephen Sondheim (Master Classes in Music-Theatre), writing scores for theatre, TV, and radio drama and producing original music-led theatre, and I have also worked on some spectacular large-scale site-specific productions - often with hundreds of participants. I also work on ‘community and education’ projects, work I find very  rewarding. 

I am particularly drawn to tales of fantasy and fable and I have produced my own stories which have been staged here and abroad. These stories include: My Clockwork Heart, the tale of a Miraculous Mechanical and his search for individual freedom: The Man Who Stole A Winter Coat – and becomes an altogether different person:  and The Corrupted Angel – a guardian angel on the run in this world.  


Swing, blues, German cabaret, world  music, classical masters, electronic ambience, film composing giants - I love all kinds of music and continue to learn with every new commission.

Hope you enjoy this website!



For Liverpool's Opening spectacle (European Capital of Culture) Patrick composed an epic emotional score which included scoring a hundred musicians across the rooftops of Liverpool...... he achieved a wonderful piece of work that was powerful stirring and was a core element of the evening's success. Patrick has a great heart. it is perhaps this quality, so strongly reflected in his music, that I find so exceptional.

Nigel Jamieson - International Theatre and Multi-Media Director


Patrick is a great artist and composer;   all of us who have worked with Patrick's music for many months never tire of hearing it."

Maggic Clarke, Director XTRAX


Patrick is a fantastic tunesmith and now has a rich and eclectic CV as an accomplished composer lyricist and musical director"

Graeme Phillips former Artistic Director, Unity Theatre.


The large-scale musical theatre KING COTTON (Jimmy McGovern) brought together the sounds of The Lancashire Mills and the dep southern startes of America. Patrick pulled  together in a relatively short amount of time, stunning arrangements of these two worlds

Colette Bailey, Executive Director of METAL







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